Love is Not Blind (By Nature)

Love is not blind, but perceptive in every way.

In a general sense, it extends forgiveness and mercy even in the face of extreme offense.

In a special sense, it extends understanding.

Within the blackest fog of frustrations and offenses, love peers into its object and accepts the intentions and feelings of the heart.

In the face of misperceptions it perceives, with careful precision, the person inside and empathizes. In empathizing, love ascertains that even the worst seeming offenses are often less offensive indeed.

Even when an offense is as it seems, love extends forgiveness and mercy.

Ultimately, love apprehends the intentions of another’s heart and the circumstances that brought them there in the first place.

For love is never blind. Its beauty lies within its ability to see — even when all else around it is black.

To perceive truth with clarity when all else around it is contrary.

(Found in an old journal. From September 28, 2011)